Sunday, March 6, 2011

PNQ Flip-Flopper

So I guess I can never run for political office as I am now an official flip-flopper. I took a real hard look at my PNQ's which got me through to the OA last year and decided to do a bit more editing. The PNQ's seem to be fairly static from year to year, but there were a few subtle changes this year.

State made a minor change on the Intellectual Skills narrative so I tweaked my answer a bit to make sure that I specifically addressed the new wording. I basically re-wrote my Interpersonal Skills narrative to reflect my continued interaction with the main subject of the story. This was one of my strongest stories and my instinct was just to leave well enough alone, but I didn't want to be lazy on the off chance the same person reviews my narratives again. I felt the same way with the Communication Skills narrative. My old story was very strong. I mean how many times do you pick up a mother and son(Palestinian refugees) and give them a ride, and then they share figs from their lone fig tree with you. But, I had a new experience that addressed the question so decided to write a new narrative.

I am a management cone candidate and the Management and Leadership Skills narratives are perfect cone-related stories so I am not going to touch them. The sixth narrative was really tough to write and basically you have to condense your SOI to 1300 characters. I think this was a good addition to the process.

So it looks like I will submit three new stories, two exactly the same, and one with only very minor editing.

Good luck to everyone and I am sure there are a lot of people banging away on keyboards this weekend.

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