Friday, March 11, 2011

Arab Social Innovator Grant

I got some great news from Jordan last night. I wrote a grant proposal for the Synergos Social Innovator Program, and we won the grant! This is great news and will allow us to continue to work on women's empowerment and micro-development programs.

One of the great success stories that I wrote about in the grant was a woman who received a small investment and training. Her family lived in horrible poverty and her oldest daughter was "married off" at fifteen because they could not provide for the family. They live in an area that will never see a tourist dollar in a million years so there are not a lot of options for people in the village.

The organization bought her a tabun oven to make tabun bread that she could sell at the local markets and to tourists visiting some of the tourist sites about thirty minutes from her village. She also received training in food preparation and hygiene, and transportation to and from the various markets.

She made more money in one day, about 300 dinars, than her family earned in an entire year. She now bought the land next to her home for her oldest daughter to build a house and they are growing more herbs to prepare other local dishes to serve the growing tourist market in the region.

I am so happy for Ramez and Suhair and they can now develop some of the other programs that we mapped out when I was in Jordan.

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