Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life With a Jordanian Family

The first thing is that I will be a candidate for a Weight Watcher or Nutrisystem infomercial when I get home. If I don't gain 30 pounds I'll be shocked. It is constant eating and eating and more eating. I am living in a small flat with a family with three kids. There is a lot of chaos for sure. I think the hardest thing has been having to adapt my American sensibilities to certain aspects of the living situation. So for those of you who are in need of QEP stories or SI responses then consider living with an international family for a while! Your cup will runeth over.

It is a very small flat and with my arrival everyone has piled into the parents room. Initially I was to share the one other bedroom with the the 10 year-daughter, but now she and her other two siblings are sleeping in the same bed with their mother. So the father and I are sleeping in two little Barbie beds and he snores like a lumberjack sawing wood on a freight train. So needless to say I am not getting much sleep.

I was thinking about inventing a trip this weekend so that I could stay in a hotel and just sleep and take a long, hot shower.

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