Saturday, January 1, 2011

In Jordan

The trip wasn't too painful since I got the upgrade to business class all the way to Amman. There were also some good movies on the flight which helped pass the time. Finally say The Social Network. I had put off seeing it out of pain and a lot of envy. I had been an investor in a company that while not exactly the same idea as Facebook, was very similar in a lot of ways and was one of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley for a while, but it was the right idea at the wrong time. We wound up selling the company to another social media player for a less than satisfactory outcome, but those are the ups and downs of Silicon Valley. It was an interesting movie to see since I have had some interactions with some of the people portrayed in the movie.

I did several of the important things immediately after leaving the airport and that was getting my hummus, falafel, and kunaffa fix. I thought I had slept just enough on the trip over so that I could sleep when I got here, but was staring at the ceiling long before the morning call to prayer.

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