Thursday, June 9, 2011

OA 7/25

From the chatter on the Yahoo site it looks like I managed to grab the very first test date this time around. I actually wanted to test later in the cycle this time, but since it looks like I will be getting an offer from an NGO I just wanted to get the earliest option available.

I waited until mid-March to send off my FOIA request to get the breakdown of last years OA so I am guessing that I will not see anything before my test date. I am going to probably review CM the most since that was the only section that I did not pass last time. Despite coming up short by just .05 last time I definitely did not crush the SI, or at least I don't think I did.

I thought that I did best on the GE, and learned a few things that I will keep in my back pocket depending on how the group dynamics play out. I found that video taping myself was by far the best way to prepare for the GE, and will probably do that a few times again. The other thing I did was set an alarm for five minutes so that I had a good sense of what five minutes feels like. The day I took the GE only two of us finished our presentations with time for questions. That really hurt the discussion phase since we had to spend the first five minutes going over things that should have happened during the presentation phase.

I definitely want to go through the OA again, but if I do get an offer from this NGO it will be just about impossible to say no,and not sure if I could hold them off for another six weeks.

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