Monday, May 16, 2011

QEP Results

Despite the high drama of the budget crisis and how that would impact the QEP process just downloaded my letter and saw the Congratulations! so I have made it to the OA for the second time. I guess I should be pretty pumped, but during the wait the train has started to leave the station on a really interesting opportunity.

It looks like I am heading over to the Middle East on sort of a trial run assignment for an NGO. One of their major focuses now is what to do next following the Arab Spring and how do you tackle the huge problem of under employment in the region. I had a great series of meetings with them last week and the plan is to fly over and look at several potential projects in the West Bank and Egypt. There are several very prominent US tech companies who are looking to make investments in the region, and I could be the point person running all of the youth employment programs in the Middle East and North Africa.

Good luck to everyone.