Thursday, February 10, 2011

Groundhog Day

Well took the FSOT and after hearing all of the grousing from earlier test takers was pleasantly surprised. While I can't say that I understand the sorts of things they ask you it certainly wasn't any different than what I experienced last year. In fact, I thought it might have been a little bit easier.

I am 2/2 in terms of glitches when it comes to the FSO process. When I took the OA last year we had a problem during the CM. It was by no means a material sort of incident, but not something that you should have to put up with during the most grueling part of the OA.

I read the first essay prompt and was pleasantly surprised that it was pretty straight-forward and start banging on the the keys. I was really happy with my first two paragraphs and had about twenty minutes to go when, poof, it was all gone. I have the proctor take a look at things and she didn't have any idea what to do. By the time we figured out that I was hosed I only had about nineteen minutes left.

I did my best with in the remaining time, but I guess we'll see if it was good enough. Since we had to write two essays I can only hope that essay #2 was the one being tested.


  1. Oh, SOOO frustrating! I'm sorry this happened to you. I would have been through-the-roof livid.

  2. Definitely frustrating to say the least. Since we had two essays I am hoping that it is much ado about nothing.