Friday, November 5, 2010

General Services Officer

Something sort of strange happened two days ago. I received one of those automated emails from telling me that I had been referred for a General Services Officer position. I routinely check the careers section on the State web site to check out other opportunities, especially opportunities in either Iraq or Afghanistan. There have been quite a few opportunities with the Iraq Transition Team and in Afghanistan that seemed like perfect opportunities. I speak Arabic, ex-military with a stint in a Special Forces unit as the Civil Affairs Officer, civilian finance/start-up experience, but every time no referral to the selecting official.

So I see the GSO position and since I had applied to the FSO in the management cone it seemed like something worth examining. Having done all of the wonderful case management exercises and with Mitch and Sharon still somewhere in the back of mind I started to click the bubbles and fill in the information for the position. State asked for a lot of information and probably more writing than for the entire FSO process. I completed about 2/3 of it when I got side tracked with another project and when I got the automated email saying that the position was now closed just figured that I had screwed up and since I hadn't provided all of the information was just out of luck on this one.

I can't imagine that I have a chance of being invited to the OA, but then again I had never been referred when I had all of the requisite skills and experiences either so who knows.

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