Friday, August 27, 2010

The Government Waiting Game

There are quite a few really good FSO blogs that I followed this year as I went through the FSO process and the common theme no matter where you are is wait, wait, and wait. The only part that is quick and relatively painless is the hour or so you wait as the examiners call out names from the waiting room at the OA to tell you your fate.

If you walk in the room and see the lonely one envelope you know it isn't good news. I am guessing that some people know what did or didn't go well and are not too surprised when they walk in the room and are told to "take the hot seat." I think the flat, stale feeling that most of us feel that didn't achieve the 5.3 is after all of the waiting that goes on it is a quick double tap to the head, an escort out of the building and it is all over just that fast.

For all of the waiting I do have to give the State Department credit. I had several other government applications going in parallel that are still working themselves out, but rather than constantly teasing you at least with State when they put you down they do it as humanely as possible!

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  1. hey hopeful, meant to get back to you about West Point- wow! I dated a guy there way back when and spent a lot of time at WP while at U. of Delaware. I have a lot of respect for WP grads. That is so nice of you to offer tix! Do you still live in the area and go to games? I will ask my husband if he's interested- he was in the Marines reserves so I don't know about the rivalry thing (at least it's not Navy). Thanks again! ps email me at