Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The FSO Oral Assessment

The Oral Assessment is right around the corner and I am now putting the finishing touches on my preparation for the trip to Washington. I made the salespersons day at Men's Warehouses when I walked in and bought two new suits. They had that great 2 for 1 sale, but since I am in shape I pretty much blew through the cost savings on the suits because they basically had to make new pants to fit me. So I am now in possession of two standard issue federal government suits, four boring shirts, and I had two ties that still worked.

One of the great things about working for yourself, living in a laid back community, and being a house husband is that coat and ties are definitely not part of the dress code. So between the wardrobe upgrade and the trip to D.C. I have made a pretty healthy investment in this.

I am a pretty superstitious person by nature so will not get too far ahead of myself. This is my first attempt at this process and succeed or fail in two weeks I will do my best to share my experiences on the entire process from application to the big day in Annex 44.

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